Summerisland’s blend of writing, editing, design and organisation skills come together in practical solutions for businesses (and people) of all sorts. From coming up with straplines and populating web sites to writing/editing complete books, from creating professional print and email literature to designing complete magazines and from confidential PA services to preparing well written applications for finance or awards, Summerisland is, above all, versatile and focused on meeting your needs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for specific samples and to find out more...


Bespoke Writing Services

Summerisland has 30+ years’ experience of writing for a wide range of purposes. Writing services offered include: magazine feature writing and content creation; press releases; corporate literature, populating web sites; advertising and straplines; promotional materials; social media content including blogging; business communications including reports, presentations and applications; curriculum vitae writing; ghost writing (from business reports to whole books), editing and proof reading. At Summerisland, we like to write. What do you want written?

Design and Print

Uniquely, Summerisland has the capability to carry any writing project forward to design and print, or to come in at the design stage with the content supplied. Summerisland has extensive experience of publication design and print management as well as experience of packaging design and design for email distribution. This means that Summerisland can effectively take your project from concept briefing right through to finished print and web-delivered product. Design and Print services are also offered for corporate literature, business cards and promotional materials, etc.


The key concept behind Summerisland is filling a gap in a business’ current need, striving to understand that need and meet it. The skills and talents within Summerisland can be applied laterally across many areas, from helping to plan, organise and deliver an event to taking on that outstanding project that really wants doing, if only there was someone to dedicate time and effort to it. At Summerisland, we are willing to look at how we can help with any project.

Confidential Services

For some clients, confidentiality is crucial. That could be a ghost writing project or work of a sensitive nature that requires handling highly confidential material. Summerisland has experience in this area and, for more information, please contact us.

The Book Business

Summerisland is involved in a number of book writing projects and we hope to develop our services to authors. Watch this space....


For more information on how Summerisland might be able to assist, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.